We are one of the finest, diversified and vertically integrated commodity traders. UTS encompass new technologies of financial achievement speculative market industry which create a trillion dollar business opportunity to the people. “UTS” has been managed by the team of young and capable professional candidate from the assorted field who is having high excellence, dedication, and commitments.

We are happily informing that our company journey with more than 1300 satisfied investors with good earnings up to date. Every day we use our professional expertise and the logistics networks in order to distribute the commodities around the globe reliably and efficiently.

We have a network of teams globally and understand that every market is different. We could identify, develop the solution and optimize the opportunities for the people in order to make them earn more profits and benefits. We specifically work on the precious metals like Gold, silver, and oil. Also, we do concentrate on other base metals, equity & derivatives, and energy sectors.

Our underpinning strategies and ideologies surely provide a business efficacy to our beloved members.

Our vision and mission

In the upcoming year, we are going to become a MCX member (Multi Commodity Exchange) which makes our own platform. We also planned to create around 100 branches.

UTS management practices and the business conduct benefits all over the country, people and the communities where it operates, to the extent affordable and possible.